About me

My name is Chris and I'm a photonics student from Poland.

My services

Design and prototyping of IoT and custom electronics. Microcontroller, FPGA and embedded system design are my fields of specialization.

You can contact me at gorplop <at> sdf.org.

My background

I'm a student of the Warsaw University of Technology, faculty of Physics. I have completed the Quantum Computing 101 Micromaster from TU Delft on edx.org.

My hobbies and work experience include electronic design (on all layers). I design and develop hardware, firmware and software.

I also teach these topics as an educator.

The reference projects above are an Arduino fibreoptic transceiver, a self made infrared data link demo kit, and a mechanical television driver board. The last image is a photo from an experiment where I catch an interesting electroluminescene effect in a reverse-biased semiconductor junction.

Updated: 15.05.2022