Praktica TL1000/Aviphot 200
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Aviphot 200 is an AGFA black and white film with exceptional resolution. It was designed for aerial photography and because of that, it's as sensitive to near infrared as to visible light, proportionally even more sensitive than Rollei IR. It's MTF is as good as 10% at 100 l/mm and 60% at 50 l/mm. 1000:1 contrast at 181 l/mm (Rollei IR reaches this at 160 l/mm which is worse)

These features give Aviphot an extremely sharp, but natural vibe - it is not overly sensitive to IR. With good quality lens and stable hand, and the high dynamic range of film, it can take pictures which can easily beat modern digicam quality.

The film datasheet can be found here. Otherwise it's just a normal black and white film and can be developed anywhere

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